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MusicConnection says:
"Gaucho Gil, a legendary Argentinean outlaw, stole from the rich, gave to the poor and 100,000+ visitors pray annually at his grave. So what does this have to do with the cream of L.A.’s modern country scene? It’s the framework for songs that stretch from the treacherous terrain of South America to a bar at the Holiday Inn. Local denizens Jerry Giddens and Michael Packard and compatriots contribute to this affair with Wakeman’s punchy production perfectly evoking the aural landscape."

Byline: Michael Toland on High Bias:
"A new project featuring notables from Los Angeles’ roots rock underground, Gaucho Gil presents good old-fashioned tunesmithery on The Ballad of Gaucho Gil. Singer/songwriters Jerry Giddens (erstwhile leader of the long-suffering Walking Wounded) and Michael Packard, instrumentalists Chris Lawrence, Luis Ruiz and Dale Daniels and producer Dusty Wakeman don’t fool around here—crap gets cut in favor of just presenting the songs in all their melodic and heartfelt glory."

Songs:Illinois reports: In the tradition of Joe Ely, Los Lobos and the protest songs of Woody Gutherie comes the group Gaucho Gill. The legend of Gaucho Gill the man was/is a half-truth, a myth and a historical uncertainity much like our (the west's) legend Robin Hood. But for the people of Argentina his legend lives on as thousands visit his shrine every year.

An L.A. musician named Jerry Giddings has created a song cycle about this legendary figure. The sounds on the disc are dusty and roll along like the tumbleweeds of the desert from which this music has arisen. Buy this new, unusual release now here from Miles Of Music.

Gaucho Gil will be performing at The Old Towne Pub Friday December 1st at 9:30 PM with special guests.  The Old Towne Pub is located at 66 N. Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena: 626.577-6583. Contact.

Byline San Antonio, Texas
Jerry Giddens Talks Jim Beal's Night Lights Now, September 26, 2006
"Jerry Giddens, the singing, songwriting former Baptist youth minister from North Louisiana and former Austin denizen, has been calling the Hollywood area home for a couple of years.  With fellow folk rockers Michael Packard, Luis Ruiz, Dale Daniels and young steel guitar ace Chris Lawrence, Giddens formed a band called Gaucho Gil, named for an iconic gaucho outlaw-turned-saint from Argentina. The band has released a new CD, "The Ballad of Gaucho Gil."

Jim Beal's blog is hereContact.

Byline The Netherlands -
"Wie was Gaucho Gil? En wie is Gaucho Gil? Op het hoesje van The Ballad Of Gaucho Gil (Sputnik) staat een onduidelijk portret van een Latijns-Amerikaanse man, maar het zal duidelijk zijn dat dat niet de artiest is. Wie dan wel? Volgens de legende was Gaucho Gil een Argentijnse outlaw die stal van de rijken en gaf aan de armen. In Argentinië wordt hij vereerd als een heilige."


Remembrances of Things Past

Gaucho Gil plays often at the Old Towne Pub in Pasadena.  The address is 66 N. Fair Oaks Avenue.  Click here for directions to The Old Towne PubContact.

Check out the Watusi Rodeo Show at Indie 103.1 radio Sunday October 1st.  Gaucho Gil will be on air live performing songs from the CD.

Gaucho Gil will be performing live at The Mint in LA Friday Sept. 29th with The Sin City Social Club.  The Mint is located at 6010 Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles:

Chris Morris of Wastusi Rodeo played "Twenty Dollar Ticket" on 8-8-06 at Indie 103.1 radio.  Click into Watusi Rodeo for more Gaucho Gil songs.